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The Story of Haiti Marycare

Grassroots Economic Development

In keeping with our philosophy of teaching people to help themselves, Haiti Marycare supports various projects to bring about a better quality of life in northeast Haiti.  These projects include:

Jacquesyl's new water well

Clean water wells.  We purchased drilling equipment and trained a team of local men how to dig wells.  The work provides clean water for the villagers as well as a small income for the workers.

Doliv tree farming.  Doliv trees are indigenous to Haiti and grow well in droughts or heavy rain.  Its leaves are high in protein and can be dried and added to teas to provide a nutritious supplement.  With our support, the people of Jacquesyl are learning how to grow this tree on a large scale.

Micro credit.  Haiti Marycare works in partnership with Bank Fonkoze, a separate organization that specializes in micro credit loans to help people out of poverty. 


 Doliv tree harvest


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Grassroots Economic Development

Cultural Programs


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