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Our Mission

Haiti Marycare works with local partners to improve lives through child and family health programs, education, and community development.

Our Activities

Haiti Marycare's efforts are concentrated in the isolated fishing village of Jacquesyl, located on Haiti's northeast coast between Cap Haitien and Fort Liberty, and in Cite Soleil, the poorest of the slums in the capitol, Port-au-Prince.  We have been active in Haiti since 1994, addressing three areas:

Child and Family Health.  Our health services focus on prenatal and childbirth care and on the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, including HIV/AIDs, tuberculosis, and malaria. 

Education.  We support preschool and primary school education for all children, as well as educational and economic opportunities and gender equality for girls and women. 

Community development.  We promote quality of life by providing clean drinking water, encouraging ecological preservation of land and sea, supporting improvements to subsistence farming and fishing, and cultivating Haitian arts, music, and culture.  

Our Approach

We come first to observe, listen, and learn from the community as they describe their most urgent needs, then to reflect with them to discern the action required to meet those needs, and finally, to work together with mutual respect to achieve integrated health, education, and community development goals.

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Our Partners in Haiti
Project Nathanael
Teachers in the US Supporting Teachers in Haiti


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Lespwa fe‘ viv (Hope makes us live)

– Haitian proverb


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